As Glasgow gets ready to welcome thousands supporters of Scottish independence, one city cafe is offering a special take on a baked classic.

Canary Girl Coffee Co on Cathcart Road is offering a saltire covered treat called the End of Empire Biscuit.

Made for the store by Gillian Ferguson of Twisted Empire Bakes, the secession-themed goods have proved very popular, with many of those who cannot get to Glasgow for this weekend's All Under One Banner march already enquiring as to their availability.

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After Canary Girl came up with the name, Gillian instantly fell in love with the idea.

Gillian said: "I thought the name was genius. I had made a batch before but had been calling them Freedom Biscuits.

"I've only been doing this professionally since March and I've not really done any political designs before.

"I'm not sure I would get Donald Trump on a biscuit though - a saltire is simple."

The biscuits are not expected to last, with just 40 made in the initial batch.