A Glasgow councillor has hit out at the anti-Tory "hatred" he received following this weekend's independence march.

Thomas Kerr, who was elected for the Shettleston ward in 2017, questioned what he called another "fingers in ears" moment for the SNP leadership after receiving a barrage of abuse online.

The councillor responded to a tweet from SNP depute leader Keith Brown, before sharing a selection of the foul rants aimed at him - which included words like "scum", "c***" and "f***". 

The outbursts came as 80,000 people marched through the streets of Glasgow on Saturday to show support of a second independence referendum.

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Following the march, Keith Brown wrote: "Wet but wonderful march today. Got to Glasgow Green and turned to watch the crowds come through to the very end.

"Last guy tells me it was his 1st ever march and he was determined to win independence."

But Councillor Kerr was not in such high spirits after the day's events.

He replied: "Not so much a 'wonderful march' if you happen to disagree with you though, eh Keith?

"So far I've seen a banner describing 692,939 Scots as 'scum' and telling them to 'f*** off' 'tory c****' 

"Any thoughts or is it another fingers in ears moment for SNP leadership?"

Glasgow Times: Thomas Kerr shared images of banners at the marchThomas Kerr shared images of banners at the march

The 692,939 made reference to the number of votes for the Conservative Party at December's General Election.

He subsequently retweeted around a dozen abusive posts onto his timeline, highlighting the "hatred" he was receiving.

He also attached two images of banners at the march.

One quoted rapper Stormzy, which read "f*** the government and f*** Boris" - while the other read "f*** off you Tory c***s". 

The councillor added: "I’ve RT just a few pieces of the hatred received today - with senior SNP figures like the Justice Secretary, Deputy FM and Deputy Leader attending today’s march they need to call this out.

"Words like 'scum', 'c***' or 'f***' should have no place in our politics.".

Other abuse aimed at the politician read: "You are scum ya fat ride", "f*** off out of Glasgow you Tory c***" and "I’d sooner admit to being a nazi pedo than a Scottish tory".

Despite not being officially endorsed by the SNP, other senior members of the party including Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf and deputy First Minister John Swinney also attended the march.

Yousaf wrote: "Brilliant Indy March in Glasgow with fellow supporters coming the length and breadth of the country to make their voices heard.

"The biggest indy march I've ever been on, the momentum is with us!"

Swinney added: "Wonderful - if wet - day at the Indy March in Glasgow.

"Thank you to so many lovely people for their chats on the way."

However, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has said he has advised Boris Jonson to refuse a request for a second referendum.

He said: "Nicola Sturgeon has asked for the Scottish Parliament to have the right to have referendums in the future at times of its own choosing.

"That is unacceptable."