THOUSANDS of Scots have backed a campaign which aims to ensure people with advanced dementia have access to free end of life nursing care.

Alzheimer Scotland says patients and their families are facing a major health inequality because they are forced to pay for specialist nursing costs in their final months or years, unlike those suffering from other terminal illnesses.

More than 8,000 people have signed a petition launched as part of the charity’s Fair Care campaign, which has been backed by the Glasgow Times and our sister title, The Herald.

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Alzheimer Scotland say there is a perception that all elderly care is free in Scotland and residential costs come as a shock to many families.

Care home fees also vary significantly across the country, the charity says, with some self-funders paying as much as £1500 a week.

At present, local authorities will contribute around £177 per week towards personal care and £80 for nursing care.

The Scottish Government has been carrying out a major review of social care support and is expected to make an announcement in the coming months.

An estimated 90,000 Scots are suffering from dementia with 17,000 people diagnosed annually.

Jim Pearson, Director of Policy and Research from Alzheimer Scotland, said:“With over 8,000 campaign supporters we are delighted to see support for our Fair Dementia Care campaign continue to grow and build momentum into 2020.

"We wish to thank all those Herald and Times readers who have supported our campaign to date.

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“Fair Dementia Care means ensuring that people with advanced dementia have equal access to the health and nursing care they need and ending the unfair and disproportionate costs they face for care in care homes or their own home.

"Too many people are paying unfair costs for care that should be available and free in the same way we rightly expect for those with other progressive and complex diseases.

" By supporting the campaign you can help us deliver fair dementia care for all.”

Alzheimer Scotland has set a target of 10,000 signatures after which the petition will be presented to the Scottish Government.

To back the campaign go to