A Glasgow clothing brand has dived down under less than one year after its launch into the UK market.

Glasgow-based childhood friends Christie Eccles and Karoline Hermansen launched the sustainable swimwear brand in April last year, and are now taking Mittsu to Australia. 

Karoline said: "We decided in school we wanted to do our own thing together one day and then our times just collided."

"When I finished university Christie had came back from Australia so we just thought - why don't we do it now?"

Glasgow Times:

The girls possess a perfect combination of skills for a fashion business - with Christie having studied International Business at The University of Edinburgh and Karoline graduating from The Glasgow School of Art having studied knitwear. 

The vintage and travel inspired brand has now hit the Australian market - with limited edition pieces already swooping off the rales. 

Christie added: "Australia has been going really well, we've been selling quite a lot and done a few markets. Last week we got the brand into a sustainable and ethical store in Byron Bay which is literally where we want to be exactly. They've even sold out of a few things already". 

Glasgow Times:

The girls told me that the core values of the Glasgow brand are sustainability and comfort with every piece designed to be timeless and flattering for the female figure. 

Karoline added: "We really value sustainability and we want the people who buy from us to really care about our products and to have a conscious decision when purchasing - not just shopping for the latest fashion."

"We focused our designs to be classic so people will always want to wear them, some things on the line are also limited edition so there won't be any wasted clothing." 

Karoline and Christie will be in Australia until this summer, but have big plans for Glasgow when they return. 

Christie said: "Our aim is to come back to Glasgow. We both love the city so much and for us it's important to bring the creative community to Glasgow it is something that we're really passionate about. We want to support Scotland in that industry - I think it has been really overlooked". 

The girls disclosed that they want to take Mittsu back to Glasgow, where they have ambitions for an office and studio within the city.

Christie added: "At the moment we are trying to connect so as we can design in Glasgow and make the products in the UK so as we can get the brand over the world - we want to make new friends!"

The girls are currently in talks with taking Mittsu further to stores in Melbourne and the Gold Coast area. 

Glasgow Times: