Hospitals run by Glasgow's health board experienced a 30% rise in 'bed blocking' last year, figures show.

A total of 6724 days were 'lost' to the NHS in November because patients were unable to be discharged, compared to 5161 the previous year.

Across Scotland, statistics published by ISD Scotland show there was a 5% increase in delayed discharges from 1,413 to 1,485.

Of those affected at the most recent census point, 1,176 were delayed by more than three days, with health and social care reasons accounting for 892 delays (76%).

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Complex needs accounted for 256 delays (22%), while patient and family-related reasons were behind 28 delays (2%).

Scottish Conservative MSP for Glasgow Annie Wells said: “People across Glasgow will be rightly concerned by this mammoth jump in patients waiting to get out of hospital.

“Nobody wants to be in hospital longer than they need to be and there’s a wider concern because delayed discharge is causing huge problems for our NHS.

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“The SNP’s handling of our NHS has been shambolic and these figures show that things are only getting worse in Glasgow.”

Ccottish Labour health spokeswoman Monica Lennon said the delay in discharges is "upsetting and stressful" for patients and their families.

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: "We are fully committed to providing high quality person centred care for all of our patients and are sorry that some patients remain in hospital when they are ready for discharge.

"We are fully committed to ensuring patients are discharged to the most appropriate setting for their care needs as timeously as possible but there are a variety of reasons that a patient can be delayed.

"For many patients there are complexities involved which makes it difficult to expedite their discharge. 

"In many instances it is to ensure the right support package is in place at home or the right care environment is available for them and we work with our local authority partners to put the right package in place as quickly as possible.

"At all times our priority is to provide patients with the highest standards of care and support."