The top ten destinations for Scots to travel to in 2020 has been revealed by Barrhead Travel. To mark the five hot spots they have created inspired mocktails to add a little sunshine to a bleak January. 

With many nearly half-way into a Dry January, Barrhead Travel teamed up with The Kimpton Blysthwood Hotel to elevate your tap water with some exclusive recipes. 

Barrhead Travel stores will be mixing up a storm throughout January for those customers looking to book their next break away. Barrhead Travel is encouraging the public to show off the best Blythswood efforts across social media with the hashtag #HappyHolidaying. 

Top mixologist Dan Docherty has taken inspiration from Barrhead Travels top selling destinations this January to help liven up those booze free evenings. Here are the following recipes: 

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Fruity, Vibrant and Sexy. Guaranteed to remind you of good times had on the beach. 

In a Highball Glass add 25ml Lime Juice

Then Add Ice to Glass (to top)

Add 50ml Orange Juice and 50ml Cranberry Juice

Top with a splash of Soda


Just like the Island of Tenerife, this mocktail is bursting with flavour and full of life.

Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice

Add the Above 3 Ingredients in equal parts to a wine glass filled with ice leaving around 1cm of space from the top of the glass

Top with Soda


Juicy and Orangey with a lightly sparkling finish, inspired by delicious Florida Oranges. Sure to whisk you away stateside. 

35ml Grapefruit Juice, 50ml Orange Juice, 25ml Lemon Juice, Touch of Sugar Syrup

Add all of the above to Highball Glass and add Ice

Top with Soda


The pineapple and ginger ale together radiate warm exotic flavours mellowed down by a touch of grenadine and finished with a tart kick of fresh lime juice. The mocktail colours look like the Spanish Flag.

Add 25ml Grenadine to a wine glass

Fill with ice

Then add 50ml Pineapple Juice and 25ml Lime Juice

Top with Ginger Ale


A little bit of spice, and a little bit of dryness married up with the right burst of apple shining through just like the sun in the Turkish skyline.

35ml Apple Juice, 25ml Lime Juice

Add all of the above to Highball Glass and add Ice

Top equally with both Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale

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