AN independent record store in Glasgow has said it will not be stocking the new Morrissey album.

Monorail Music said it would continue to sell records by the Smiths but "like many of our colleagues" would not be selling the singer's 13th studio album, I am not a dog on a chain.

The 60-year-old has repeatedly expressed support for the far-right anti-Islam party For Britain and has said "everyone prefers their own race" when forced to defend his views.

The Monorail post attracted 800 plus likes on Twitter but not everyone was supportive of the move.

Fiona Dodwell posted: "How about businesses stock and store products and let customers choose what they want?

"This achieves nothing, Morrissey will still sell albums - with or without your company "banning" his records. People simply go elsewhere (and learn where NOT to shop next time!)"