STAFF at The Art School bar and music venue have lost their jobs with immediate effect after being forced into liquidation. 

The owners of the venue have been under fire in recent months, with staff staging a demonstration in October over the "disgraceful" treatment of workers after having their hours slashed without warning.

Now the 32-strong workforce, made up of one full-time, two part-time and 29 zero-hours contracts - have been made redundant by what union chiefs call "awful" employers.

They now vow to fight to ensure the former staff get the "justice they deserve". 

Chartered accountants firm MHA Henderson Loggie was appointed liquidator of Glasgow School of Art Students Association Limited (GSASA Ltd), which is a separate legal entity from the Glasgow School of Art. 

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They say GSASA Ltd reduced trading in November in a bid to put the business on a "sustainable financial footing" however this was unsuccessful.

Shona Campbell of MHA Henderson Loggie, who was appointed the liquidator, said: "“Despite considerable efforts, the board has been unable to establish a sustainable future for the business against a backdrop of continued tough trading conditions.

“All staff were made redundant with immediate effect, although all casual staff members ceased work at the end of October last year.

"We will provide support for those who qualify to obtain their full entitlements.”

A spokesman for GSASA Ltd said “We have engaged with key stakeholders with the aim of putting the Company on a sustainable financial footing.

"Unfortunately, this engagement has proved unsuccessful and the Company’s board has been left with no option but to enter into compulsory liquidation with immediate effect.”

Unite Hospitality, who staged the demonstration back in October, confirmed they would be supporting their members following the news.

Around 50 people met outside the union bar on Scott Street for the protest, with chants of "workers united will never be defeated" echoing around the area.

Among the posters read "GSA Students Association, stop ignoring us, honour our agreement".

Another read: "Your art school, our jobs, reinstate our hours".

Reacting to the news, Unite Hospitality posted online: "We’ve dealt with some awful employers in our time but GSA Students Association takes the biscuit.

"For the past three months, our members have been denied work and wages being told that they would receive shifts in January.

"For the past month, our leading members have had the threat of dismissal hanging over them for having the audacity to have a drink after shift.

"After all this, they find out that they’re out of a job entirely via a third party.

"Their employer didn’t even have the decency to inform them let alone give them any notice.

"We shall be supporting our members to get every penny they are entitled to and the justice they deserve."