I’LL tell you what I find offensive (The Tory View: SNP must speak out against these march banners). I find a social security system that has been decimated to the point that tens of thousands in this country have to rely on foodbanks offensive. I find it offensive that we get a government that we didn’t vote for forced upon us, and that super-rich Tory supporters and donors avoid and evade paying their tax.

I find it offensive that Boris Johnson is trying to deny Scots the right to self-determination, and that we have nuclear submarines on the Clyde while our NHS is starved of resources.

I find it offensive that many of our citizens are being denied the right to retire with dignity, pitiful state pensions being pushed out of reach as the pension age gets raised ever higher. How many are forced to work until they drop?

The scourge of homelessness offends me. It is totally unacceptable that people are dying on our streets in this country.

Banners declaring “Tory scum out” and “end London rule”? Hold them higher, replicate five million more. Send a clear message about what is really offensive in this country.
Alan Brown

GOOD news for Glasgow (Historic Springburn Caley railworks could be re-opened by Brexit-backing tycoon). The SNP Government did not do anything to save the Caley. Less than 20 days until we get out of the EU superstate. What are the fanatic EU Remainers going to do now? The party is over guys.
Shaun Costello

THE Scottish Government should have touted the Caley to the Spanish firm TALGO, which is looking to build locos in Scotland and considering building a factory at Kincardine. The Caley would’ve been ideal, but it looks like Glasgow has lost these jobs.

If this guy is serious about investing in the Caley then the government should encourage him now that we don’t have EU regulations to obey with regards to subsidising our own UK companies.
Paco Zapatos

I NOTE all these new on-street bins. I keep thinking the council has created more work for itself given that budgets keep getting leaner. I also note big bin lorries emptying back-court bins going straight past these bins which might be full as well. Maybe a root-and-branch review is fully needed.
Name and address supplied

THE issue of taxpayer money being spent on taxi fares needs to be addressed (More than £12 million spent on school taxis).

In the north of the city there are children being picked up and dropped off at local schools who could very easily be accompanied by walking to the school.

Also, why are taxis being provided for school staff who can easily make their own way like other workers have to do? Nice little earner for the taxi companies.

MY daughter, who has additional needs, was taken to school in the bus last term. Ten minutes after she arrived at the school a taxi would take her to college from the school. The bus would take the escort home, passing the college before going to the depot. The drivers tried telling bosses but were ignored.
John Holmes

EMPLOYING mini buses would not work. I’ve seen the size of this first hand, you would need a fleet of mini buses, and it’s not just a case of the children. Many of the more vulnerable ones travel with escorts, so they need picked up as well. Also, the fact that all the schools start and finish at the same time would, without taxis, make it logistically impossible. It’s a massive operation, every morning and afternoon.
Nicholas Learmonth