I AM writing about the state of Glasgow and the lack of attention that the city council is giving it.

For a start, they say ‘Glasgow loves Christmas’ – what about Hogmanay? For years Glasgow hosted a spectacular Hogmanay party in George Square.

For several years now there hasn’t been one.

Glasgow doesn’t seem to get anything in return now for the council tax we are all paying,

What is happening to all this money they are receiving from the Christmas market stall holders that are paying rent for their stalls at Christmas? And the money they make from all the film-makers who make movies across the city?

All this on top of our council tax and we don’t see anything in return.

The streets are a mess with litter, the bins (outside the city centre) are overflowing with rubbish. There is fly-tipping everywhere. Street lights are out, and the roads all over the city are riddled with potholes.

Come on Glasgow City Council, let’s see where all this money is going!

P McNee

AFTER reading Euan Blockley’s column in the Glasgow Times on Tuesday, can I say that while I do not condone some of the language he refers to at the independence march, are all of us who participated in the march to be condemned by it?

This is the same Mr Blockley whom I watched on a Scotland Tonight debate recently on TV, who referred to the Scottish Government legislation Curriculum Excellence as the ‘Curriculum for Excrement’.

Is he unaware of the abusive and disrespectful language alongside constant interruption directed at SNP MPs at Westminster when they speak in debates, or does he consider such conduct acceptable and decent?

Robert Brennan

SHAUN Costello (Letters, Wednesday) should not get too carried away yet.

Yes, it’s good that there may be some hope for the Caley but unfortunately it will never see its heyday. I think you are celebrating Brexit far too early. We are being led into a disaster zone by Bojo and his millionaire friends.


I AM not surprised to read about the issue of the surge in bed blocking in a Glasgow Hospital (Glasgow Times, Wednesday).

Last year I was aware of situation of a patient being discharged from hospital in the first month of admission; and it taking four months to leave the hospital.

It was decided this patient required to go into a Care Home. After the Open Wallet Surgery to decide who should pay for the care, the family found a place in walking distance of the Hospital.

Despite the home having free beds, they were informed there was a waiting list for the NHS.

When they inquired about vacant rooms, they were informed “those beds are for private patients”.

While waiting to be admitted to a home, the patient in question became stressed at times of the situation they faced. They were unaware of changes to Care Provision; and was scared their family home would be sold to pay for a care home place. This person had witnessed this happen to numerous peers.

The SNP’s policy regarding care for our elderly is in practice the same as the Tories in England.

From witnessing this and other situations I have came to the conclusion that SNP Governance of the NHS at Holyrood has created a “Privatised Death Sector” in Scotland.

Personally it doesn’t matter how many people March through the streets of Glasgow for Indyref2.

I am unwilling to consider the merits of this unless the SNP start to govern as they claim they do. Cradle to Grave care is sacrosanct and the SNP current policies on this issue are unacceptable.

Mark Porciani