Garnethill residents are pleading with the council to end months of misery by removing waste which has lain outside blocks of flats for months.

Multiple properties in the city centre community have been left without some waste collections since last year, which

Blocks on Hill Street and Rose Street have seen their bins overflow in recent months, while those living in one block on Scott Street claim their food waste bin was last emptied at the end of September.

Those living in the area say the lack of cleansing at their properties has exacerbated an ongoing vermin infestation, which has now affected more than 20 homes.

Residents are desperate for the situation to be resolved, calling for the council to clear the mess immediately.

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Bill Beckett of Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch said: "We've been dealing with a large-scale infestation and the waste has just become another source for them.

"Some people have been waiting five months for this - the council are not bothering and it seems like they're just trying to save some money.

"We want a better guaranteed service because this is just a nightmare."

The reports comes amid ongoing concerns raised by trade union officials about cleansing services in the city.

Last week the union criticised the holding of a UN Climate Summit in Glasgow next year, saying the council had its priorities all wrong', urging them to ditch the hosting of COP26.

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However, the council said the event presented 'major opportunities for Glasgow, its communities and the local economy'.

Rhea Wolfson, GMB Scotland organiser said: “Glasgow has a waste crisis and it is getting worse. Our members have consistently warned about this and now residents are doing the same.

“This is a sad picture of what austerity will do to a city and the lesson we have to learn is that you cannot cut your way out of a crisis.

“The city’s budget has been starved by public spending squeezes and council tax freezes over the last decade.

“It’s clear that the council cannot bridge the financial gap on its own and central government really needs to intervene in the next budget rounds.

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“That means a substantial investment package so we can boost the recruitment and resources needed to clean up Glasgow.”

A council spokesman said: “Our team has been active in the Garnethill area to address a number of pest control issues.

“There has been a range of local environmental issues that has exacerbated the situation, such as waste that’s been discarded inappropriately, overgrowth that provides cover for the pests, well-intentioned bird feeding that also attracts vermin and public defecation.

“But we have been working with residents, businesses and the local housing association to tackle specific problems and we are hopeful the measures taken will have a positive impact.

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“We will continue to respond to calls from the local community and provide a pest control service where appropriate.

“We are close to completing our annual catch-up on bin collections following the festive period and we aim to uplift food waste from the Garnethill area in the next few days.

“However, we will do a double check to ensure the cleansing service is running efficiently in the area and to see whether there any further issues that require attention.”