IN November this year, the world will come to Glasgow.

We’re hosting the biggest conference ever held in Scotland – COP26, the Conference of the Parties, is the UN’s rotating summit on climate change.

Last month, 27,000 delegates gathered in Madrid for COP25. It was the longest one on record, but for all those extra hours, very little consensus was reached and key decisions were put off until next time.

Despite a half-million-strong protest in Madrid and growing global recognition that we cannot continue living like this, the most powerful (and most carbon-emitting) countries got stuck in the rut of business as usual.

COP26, in our city in just 10 months’ time, must act as a tipping point, with real ambition and real action pledged.

Glasgow Times:

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It’s well beyond time for the world’s richest nations to take some responsibility for the ways we have pillaged natural resources – a heady mix of greed, capitalism and colonialism with deliberate disregard for the consequences.

Glasgow will be the fourth COP in a row to be held in the global north – the voices of those in the global south, who are most affected by climate change and ecological devastation, must be prioritised ahead of richer nations and big corporations.

We need to ensure that those normally excluded are our guests of honour. The voices of those communities most affected by climate change here and around the world must be heard directly – let’s work to grow connections between Glasgow’s local communities and international guests, building a legacy of solidarity between our city and friends around the world.

This week, Greens will ask Full Council to write to each participating nation, setting out Glasgow’s clear expectations that COP26 must deliver a comprehensive and ambitious programme of action to decarbonise the global economy as quickly as possible.

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And to write to the UK and Scottish governments to ensure that climate action is prioritised in their upcoming spending and legislative plans so that Glasgow has the funding and powers we need to implement our climate and ecological emergency action plans.

We’re also calling for the council to do everything it can to make Glasgow a credible host.

We need to use every possible opportunity between now and November to get our own house in order – take big, radical steps towards the vision of carbon-neutral Glasgow by 2030.

And then during the event, let’s work out what sustainability could look like – even though sustainability is hardly a word you’d normally associate with massive conferences.

What if we had free public transport for the duration?

Free bike hire? A car-free city centre? Sustainable food and drinks supplied, supporting local business?

With the recent catastrophic fires in Australia, the devastating floods in Indonesia, even here, the way extreme winter weather is becoming the norm – we can’t keep putting off action on climate.

This year Glasgow is hosting the world – let’s do everything we can to lead by example.