A CAB driver who displayed false signs on his vehicle which indicated he worked for Network Private Hire has had his licence revoked.

Uber signs were also found in the boot of Ummar Khalid's vehicle who was accused of stealing an 18-year-old woman's i-Phone as well as plying for trade.

Last June Glasgow City Council's enforcement team received a letter of complaint from the teenager who had been celebrating her birthday.

Mr Khalid's friend had asked him to take the woman home to the Gorbals. The following morning she realised she had dropped her i-Phone in the car but the "find my i-Phone" app indicated that it was at Mr Khalid's address in Nitshill.

She and her mother went to the driver's house to retrieve the phone but it was not in the car. Police were contacted as were Network who said they had never heard of Mr Khalid. Officers searched the driver's property but could not find the phone.

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Mr Khalid also claimed that the Uber signs were left over from a previous driver. The phone was eventually found in a bin at a nearby car wash.

In September the driver was accused of asking a pedestrian on Sauchiehall Street if he wanted a lift despite only being allowed to pick up pre-booked journeys.

Mr Khalid was brought before the licensing committee on Thursday to explain himself where he denied plying for trade.

He said: "In relation to the first incident the phone was eventually found at the car wash. It must have got thrown out with the rubbish."

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Members of the committee then questioned how this could be possible.

Councillor Alex Wilson said: "What state do you keep your car in that an i-Phone could be mistaken for trash.

"Why do you have Network signs displayed on your vehicle when you don't even work for them?"

Mr Khalid replied: "I allow people to eat and drink after a night out so they can sober up. I was driving around with Network sings on the back of my car but I have got rid of them now."

Following the discussion members agreed to suspend Mr Khalid's licence for the remainder of its duration until June 2021.