AS someone who supports independence for Scotland I am extremely disappointed in the response of the Housing Minister Kevin Stewart to refuse requests to suspend evictions over the winter months.

We talk about tackling homelessness and rough sleeping and continually hear of all sorts of committees and commissions being set up to look into the issue.

In the meantime, people are dying on our streets and if it were not for the fantastic work carried out by various charities, the situation would be even worse.

We need the Scottish Government to deliver an action plan with an aim of eradication of rough sleeping and tackling homelessness in a robust manner.

Our citizens deserve no less. It’s time to end the complacency on this matter.

A Martin


I CAN’T help but wonder what all the fuss is about regarding the security costs (£200 million so far!) for those attending the upcoming international climate summit (COP26) to be held in Glasgow this year.

It’s standing practice that anyone on company business can claim “expenses” (just ask our councillors and MSPs) so why are the security costs not apportioned and charged to the relevant countries? If not, then the council should pay and recoup from the hotels, restaurants and others who will benefit financially rather than penalise other hard-up councils – or will it be the poor taxpayers, once again, who never have a say in such matters? The £200m could be better spent on the NHS, OAPs and so much more.


East Kilbride

IF John Mason MSP (right) is only planning to represent those of his constituents who support Scottish independence, then his salary needs reviewed. An MSP is paid a salary of £61,778 to represent all of his or her constituents.

If Mr Mason only wishes to represent the 55.95% of the turnout who voted for him then his salary should only be £34,564.79, a saving of £27,213.21 for the taxpayer.

Otto Inglis


I WAS admitted to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on December 20 and had 2 spells there. I cannot speak highly enough of the care, kindness and dedication of all staff who performed their services with cheerfulness and understanding. I was so glad to have a single room – I would have hated a ward.

Ishbel M MacPherson

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