Police Scotland have told The Glasgow Times that they are working to crack down on anti-social behaviour in St Kentigern’s Cemetery in Lambhill.

The news comes after reports of reported drug-taking in the cemetery was brought to light by a mourner whose mother is buried in the cemetery.

Speaking exclusively to The Glasgow Times, he said:

"I had heard before that people were apparently taking drugs in the cemetery, but hadn't seen it myself.

"It was when I went up last week that I saw people in a silver BMW taking what I thought looked like drugs.

"They were parked in the middle of the road, and other cars in the cemetery were driving over the graves to get past the car. I contacted the police immediately.

"It's absolutely disgusting. The cemetery should be a place that is peaceful. I go twice a week and it is in a state."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said:

"Police are aware of instances of anti-social behaviour at Lambhill cemetery and are working hard to reduce the number of incidents of such behaviour.

"Any local resident with concerns should contact local community officers to report instances of this type of behaviour in the area."

The news comes after The Glasgow Times revealed the extent of fly-tipping in the cemetery, where old mattresses and car parts were dumped at the back of the graves.

A new report revealed that fly-tipping complaints made to Glasgow City Council have soared in the last three years with more than 37,000 incidents recorded since 2017.

Instances of dumping rubbish illegally on public streets have almost doubled as a whole between 2017 to 2018, leading local councillors to state that Glasgow residents “deserve better”.

Bob Doris MSP for Maryhill and Springburn vowed to work towards making a change in the Cemetery.

He told The Glasgow Times: "My thanks to the Glasgow Times for drawing this matter to my attention.

"Anything that impacts negatively on families and friends paying respects to loved ones who have passed away is obviously a concern.

"That is why following reports of fly-tipping that I sought to ensure the graveyard was as clean and well maintained as possible.

"I will of course make further representations to the Council given this new set of concerns."

A spokesman from Glasgow City Council said:

“Our community safety teams work closely with the police to address anti-social behaviour where ever it is reported.

“If anti-social behaviour is an issue at specific location we can increase patrols by community enforcement officers, deploy mobile CCTV and undertake other measures that will help to deter those responsible.”