A THUG started a mass brawl after knocking over a man’s sausage supper.

Youcef Boutabane, 18, fought Andrew Graham, 36, under Glasgow’s Hielanman’s Umbrella in July, 2019.

Boutabane pleaded guilty yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to a breach of the peace by engaging in a stand-up fight.

The court saw CCTV footage of the incident which took place outside a Tim Horton’s premises late at night.

The accused who was walking in the opposite direction to Graham knocked his sausage supper to the ground as he brushed past. Graham looked back at Boutabane with his arms out wide.

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Prosecutor Lucy Adams said: “They had a very short discussion before at least two other men joined in.

“A disturbance ensued which became a stand-up fight which involved a number of people including Boutabane.

“This involved friends of Mr Graham and random members of the public that chose to involve themselves.”

Boutabane was pulled away and fled from the brawl while it continued.

In court, Boutabane also admitted an assault and robbery at a newsagents in Glasgow’s Renfield Street five days later.

Boutabane and an unknown man robbed shopkeeper Nadeem Nazir, 24, in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Nazir was held to the ground while the pair raided the till, stealing £150.

Sentence was deferred until next month by Sheriff Alan Mackenzie for background reports.

Boutabane was remanded in custody.