I AM reading into the MSP’s comments about not wanting to speak up for various constituents, including those who wish to pay less tax (John Mason MSP accused of ‘betraying’ constituents as row continues, January 20).

Due to his party’s taxation policy, on a blue-collar role,

I will be paying approximately £1500 more each year than a comparable individual in the rest of the United Kingdom. I’m not arguing that services need paid for. I’m arguing the indirect impact of such decisions.

For argument’s sake, I am

£100/month disposable income down. That is £100 each month that could be spent employing someone for a pampering massage or giving someone money for having provided a meal and a tip?

That, arguably, will make small businesses not viable and so the single mum who set her business up will see it fail inevitably, then return to being on benefits, paid for by taxpayers. Whereas before, she was not only paying her way – she was not costing the state anything or as much.

I’m more than happy to put forward an argument for lowering taxes based on need of expenditure and all the advantages of that, I am also reading that he views taxpayers as a dripping roast he and his party can plunder for their vanity, not as a resource for all to create wealth rather than helping themselves to other people’s wealth. Remember, you can not legislate poor into wealth.


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I WAS reading in the Glasgow Times about MSP John Mason not being prepared to represent any of his constituents who do not agree with his views on sectarian marches and Scottish independence ... so how will he know which constituent does not support his views?

Let’s say wee Mrs Smith-Jones comes in with a concern and asks for his assistance but she is a member of a sectarian organisation and does not support independence for Scotland. Her concerns do not have anything to do with any sectarian marches or Scottish independence, but she lets slip her views on, say, Scottish independence. What is he going to do?

Also, the question arises, how many SNP MSPs, MPs and councillors have the same attitude – are they fit to be in office?

Jim Tees

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ON the plans for George Square, why not put the statues on the plinths that lie empty next to the central rail line across the Clyde? It would give the square more room.

Samuel Menzies

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It is clear that Boris Johnson is indeed a ‘One Nation’ Conservative.

With the refusal of consent for the EU Withdrawal Agreement by governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that one nation it appears is ‘England’.

Yours faithfully

Alex Orr