AURIE MacMillan owns Cafe Strange Brew on the South Side.

She has a partnership in Mesa on Duke Street with Andrea Bartolini.

They’ve both been chefs for around 16 years.

When the opportunity came up to take a unit across from Mesa, the idea to open a neighbourhood bakery was formed.

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Enter mutual friend John Meechan, who will be head baker and a shareholder.

Andrea and Laurie will apply their own experience in the kitchen to develop new bakes.

John’s background is pastry chefing at Ottolenghi and NOPI – he was head of pastry there. He also had a brief stint at E5 Bakehouse, and a bakery in Berlin.

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Together the trio are joining forces to open the bakery on Duke Street, to be called Sweet Jane, a nod to The Velvet Underground.

They will launch around March, with a full refurbishment currently in process.

The unit will retain antique tiles and original cornice while being kitted out with everything a modern bakery needs.

As first evidence of the Sweet Jane collaboration, there will be a popup at Mesa – an alternative Burns Supper with a Middle Eastern food theme on Saturday.