HOW sad to read that residents are not getting bins uplifted and that they are overflowing smelling and attracting vermin (Glasgow Times, Monday).

While the council has a huge number of staff across its many departments, what is more important than emptying and keeping Glasgow safe healthy and clean, free from potential disease, vermin, and unclean streets and backcourts and lanes?

Praise must be given to frontline Cleansing workers who work tirelessly to do the best

they can but what about

those who are responsible for management?

They have been involved in introducing and scrapping the unsuccessful pole mounted dog waste bins – introducing the unsuccessful smelly food waste bin initiative which doesn’t work either and many don’t want – and introducing the large black street bins which attract fly-tipping from residents and businesses, increasing workload for the frontline workers and the contents of such bins cannot be recycled because they are contaminated with dog waste.

Goodness me, it’s time to think again, learn from other councils and countries and let common sense prevail.

Bill Love


LAST time I stuck to the 20 limit on High Street, I had two drivers blast horns at me (Policy for 20mph speed limit roll-out to be agreed, Wednesday).

One flashed his lights and another made offensive gestures.

Police need to patrol the stretch from the Royal down to Glasgow Cross, particularly to catch those who ignore the red light at the junction outside the cathedral.

Colin MacEwan

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I HAVE a feeling of deja vu on reading this story and seeing these plans (First look at Glasgow’s new car-free George Square plans, Tuesday)

Thankfully nothing too radical seems to be planned for George Square and here’s hoping once it is resurfaced the council is a bit more strict in the type of events it allows to be held on the


Otherwise it won’t be

too long before we are

back having to have the square resurfaced once more.

Glasgow has benefited enormously from receiving significant funds from the European Union in order to regenerate parts of the city but come January 31 the council will not be able to obtain one Euro of funding.

JP B2019

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