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Type of food:


Delivery time:

58 mins





I LOVE a sausage supper. For as long as I can remember, the Saturday night chippy has been the highlight of my week.

Tonight, we’re going to try Gennaro’s in Anniesland. It seems to have the best rating on anyone who’ll deliver to our area on Just Eat. So I phone up, order one sausage supper with a buttered roll and another fish supper (with a pickle) for my wife.

The guy on the phone seems sound. He keeps replying “no problem at all” after I tell him each item. I thank him when we’ve gone through everything. “No problem at all,” he says.

I always make the call just before putting the wee one down for bed – that way, after half an hour of relentlessly going “shhhh” until she falls asleep, the chippy’s usually there. Although you do run the risk that if they’re particularly speedy the doorbell can set her off again.

About 50 minutes pass and the food’s still not there.

This time, we’re not really that bothered as we’d had a decent lunch, but if we’d been starving at this point then, well, this development could have been a real worry. We made the mistake of ordering from another place nearby on Boxing Day, and the food took more than an hour and half. We were climbing the walls.

But the food arrives after 58 minutes. That’s just about acceptable to us – but anything over an hour would definitely be pushing it.

The guy is cheerful. And the bag feels roasting – I’ve got a good feeling. Open it up – ah, it’s got a box. Brilliant. Saves us getting plates dirty. Chippies delivered in bags with just a paper wrap don’t survive the journey as well.

But luckily, the box has done its job and the meal is delicious.

The batter is crispy, the roll is fresh and the chips not underdone or overcooked – just right. The fish supper looks and tastes good too.

Right – that’s the food sorted, anything on the telly? Aw naw, just the Masked Singer…