A NIGHT of TV to celebrate poet Robert Burns will feature an emerging actor with a rather famous surname.

For Anthony Capaldi will make his screen debut on the BBC Scotland short film Haggis tonight as part of the channel’s celebration of Scotland’s National Bard.

And he is none other than Lewis Capaldi’s big brother.

He will play Callum in the light-hearted drama which follows the lives of the MacNeep family in their ill-fated plans to get together for Burns night 2020.

“I am absolutely buzzing,” beamed the 25-year-old when asked about his screen debut.

He continued: “It didn’t feel real when I was doing it but it is actually going on TV so it has kind of hit me the past few days.”

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Glasgow Times:

BBC pictures 

Glasgow-based Anthony travelled to scenic Glencoe to shot the short film - and the moment is one he will not forget.

He said: “That was my very first time actually going up to Glencoe.

“I have been told it is beautiful but there is quite a lot of rain.

“So when I got there it was the only day where it apparently wasn’t raining and I ended up having to get one of the team spraying me in the face with freezing cold water to simulate the rain so that was quite a funny experience.

He added: “Being in Glencoe doing something that I love was such an amazing experience.”

The opportunity, however, is one he might have missed out on if it wasn’t for Anthony’s savvy dad getting him an audition in the first place.

Anthony said: “It was actually my dad that got me seen for Haggis.

“They came into the fish shop he was in one day.

“He basically asked them if they did production and said my son is an actor you should see him.

“They came in about a week later and then it all kicked off from there.

“My dad pushed me into it and his birthday is on Burns Night so it worked out really well.”

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Glasgow Times:

Photography by Curse These Eyes

Anthony has been grafting as an actor for several years and was trained at Box Revolution Productions in the city.

His aspirations to become an actor actually came about in Glasgow - thanks to a family panto tradition.

“I was around 17 or 18 and my family has this tradition of going to the pantomime at the SEC," he said.

He added: “I just remembered that year I saw how happy all the actors seemed on stage.

“Even after the show, they all seemed ecstatic when they were walking about.

“I wanted to try and give it a little shot.

“After I did my first short film I was just hooked and I just kept going on.”

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Glasgow Times:

Peter Capaldi

From that point, Anthony has soaked in all the experience he can get - and even had a few words of advice from Doctor Who star and legendary Scottish actor Peter Capaldi who is his dad’s cousin.

He said: “Peter is amazing.

“He’s very open when I have asked him for some advice.

“He kind of tells me where he was around my age, the position he was in.

“He calms me down if ever I feel like I don’t know what I am going to do next.”

He added: “His advice has been invaluable to me.

“Honestly he is such a lovely guy and I am very thankful that he has taken the time to help me along with my career as well just by the advice he has given me.”

Advice aside, Anthony admits he was always on an acting path - even though both his brothers Warren and Lewis are musicians.

He said: “I am a straight thespian, I used to be the sporty one.

“I played guitar for like 20 minutes. I was like I can’t do it, I am done.

“I leave it to Warren and Lewis and I’ll stay in my lane.”

Anthony, however, has delved into the world of music by appearing in the video for Someone You Loved, an experience he is grateful for.

“It was a lovely experience especially because I got to see solely how a music video actually gets filmed.

“To be able to see that different aspect to the industry that I never really see from the side I am on was really nice.

“I am very grateful that Lewis allowed me to do that,” he said.

Glasgow Times:

Lewis Capaldi 

As he prepares to work for his own success in the industry, Anthony admits that he is proud of everything his famous brother has achieved.

He said: “He is my little brother and he has worked so hard for the past decade pretty much.

“So every bit of success he gets, he deserves it 100 percent.

“I am honestly so proud of him.”

The brotherly love will no doubt be a two-way street soon enough with Anthony working on several upcoming projects including a large budget studio industry back project in London.

He said: “I am taking everything as it comes.

“I would love to do more stuff in Scotland because the industry is on the come up and I would love to be part of that.

“Being Scottish and growing with the industry at the same time would be amazing.

“I would love to expand and go down to London in the next few years then hopefully take America.

“I just want to have as much as fun as I can.

“Push my career, have a lot of fun and see a bit of the world at the same time.”

Watch Haggis on the BBC Scotland channel tonight at 9.30 pm.