BEFORE the council start on their new plans for George Square, they should look at giving the base of the Sir Walter Scott Monument a pressure wash. It’s covered in green moss and an embarrassment to the city.

I see from the plans there are more poles to hang “People Make Glasgow” banners from. Just what we need. It’s bad enough seeing them on the new litter bins saying “People Make Glasgow Cleaner”. At least we now know the council get irony.

Jim McGregor


THE bins and litter is an issue, but what about pavements and kerbside gutters?

In Whiteinch, from one end to the other on Dumbarton Road, the pavements and kerbside are a disgrace with litter and dog poo, and we have flooding as the drains have not been cleared of the leaves that fell in November. The drains are difficult to see as they are covered with mud. Do we not have street cleaners anymore with a brush in their hands?

Willie Burns


THE 30mph limit is not enforced and flouted by about 60% of drivers with little chance of detection, so I presume this will make little difference (Glasgow City Council approves new 20mph speed limit rollout). Good idea though.

Rab Stevens

THE 30mph speed limit meant that you had to do 60mph to be double the speed limit – meaning automatic ban. A 20mph speed limit means you only have to be doing 40mph to automatically lose your license. Which means if you have an accident and it’s shown that you were double the speed limit you are now in a lot more bother.

Lisa Zack

AT least the potholes will do less damage to your wheels when you hit them at 20mph...

Bill Vans

THIS speed limit change is pointless and divisive. Law-abiding drivers will have to drive at an absurdly low speed, while idiots doing 40-50 will continue to get away with putting others in danger because the limit won’t be enforced.

Scott R

SIMPLE solution, the parents of these kids should be forced to pay for any of the criminal damage that is caused by them (‘Terrorised by ten-year-olds’: The Glasgow neighbourhood living in fear as gang run riot). If they are on benefits it should be deducted from them. I’m a parent and if my kid caused damage to someone else’s property I would happily pay for the damage and believe me it wouldn’t happen again.

The problem with feral kids like these is they aren’t taught to respect other people or their property. It all comes down to the adults who teach them right from wrong – or who are meant to.


THIS story of 10-year-olds terrorising the neighbourhood is a shame because we have seen some great improvements in the area with new housing and Silverburn right on our doorstep.

You expect it to be older youth to be responsible but it’s young kids who are causing havoc!

Threatening their family tenancy takes too long and residents can’t wait for that action. There needs to be instant responsibility from the families.

Donna Foote

HAS anyone in the area thought about getting the kids somewhere to go or something to do so they’re not on the streets? Thought not – just pointing blame!

Where has sense of community gone in Scotland? Give the kids a community centre youth club they can go to instead of putting all public funds into more police. Bring a sense of community back and in turn the community will together teach these kids morals and respect.

You can blame the parents and whoever you want but the truth is parents’ hands are tied with how they’re allowed to parent, i.e. no smacking, no grounding, not supposed to remove phones

or computers ... so how are

these parents meant to punish their kids when they don’t know how!

Kids at 10 and 11 can be changed if given the correct guidance. I know plenty of unruly kids who have loving, caring parents who would be disgusted at their children behaving like this so you can’t always blame the parents – some are at their wits’ end with their kids who are with the wrong crowds and they can’t control it because they have to work so the kids are at gran’s etc.

Lou G

I HAVE cycled for 25+ years in the city and I’m against these plans (Views sought on next stage of £115m Avenues plan for key Glasgow city centre streets, Thursday), not because they couldn’t be good, but because while they are building them from what I assume is a limited budget while the roads all over the city are death traps for cyclists . Fix the roads we have already before starting these plans.

Robert Beckett