THE SON of an army veteran OAP who died of a heart attack after sleepless nights defending his home against teenage thugs has hit out as we reveal the problem hasn’t disappeared.

Former Black Watch soldier Peter Burns, 74, was found dead in his chair in his Priesthill home in July 2000 after spending the last five years of his life at the brunt of a campaign of terror from a gang of youngsters.

The Glasgow Times was told of the devastating story by Peter’s son Jim, after we revealed youngsters as young as nine or ten-years-old are terrorising residents on a neighbouring street.

Concerned locals say some homeowners are considering selling up with a number of homes being boarded up.

Glasgow Times:

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They say youngsters are wreaking havoc, fighting and smashing in windows - as well as getting involved with gang violence near Silverburn Shopping Centre.

Jim, 69, said: “It was ridiculous.

“I lived in Livingstone but my brother and sister lived nearby.

“They’d sit in the car overnight hoping to catch the scumbags, that’s how bad it was.”

Discussing the night his father died, he added: “My sister went to see him, he was always in good health but at nights he would sit up and keep an eye on things.

“He would keep sit up and watch, waiting for anything to happen.

“He was 74 but he was reasonably fit.

“He was a steel-erector and a tough man, yet these scum made his life hell.”

Peter’s wife Lily, who suffered from arthritis, died three years earlier - but not before enduring her share of the disruption.

Jim added: “One night my mum was lying in bed and they threw a metal trolley through the window.

“It was horrific.

“We just felt so helpless and the police could do nothing.

“On another occasion the scumbags broke in and killed her hens, she was heartbroken”.

Glasgow Times:

We told on Thursday how police vowed to increase patrols in the area and urged locals to report any anti-social behaviour.

But Jim said it was “not surprising” that the issue has not gone away.

He said: “It’s very disappointing to see this is still happening.

“I thought it would get better, they’ve built nice places but now the newcomers are being targeted by the same old folk.

“The people who are doing it now are likely just the new generation, following in the footsteps of their parents and their parents before that.

“There’s no way to control it and these people have no interest in anything else – they seem to just get a kick out of making people’s lives a misery.”

He added: “I wanted to highlight the story and show that things haven’t changed – to show these thugs are still around and what it can cause.

“Nothing has changed and something needs to be done.

“People’s lives are a misery – we need to get tough on it.”

Glasgow Times:

A police spokesperson confirmed they are working with a number of groups, including the council, and are delivering input to local schools.

They have also developed a “number of diversionary activities” to engage the young people - however did not reveal what these are.

They added: “We work closely with the local Housing Associations, and have along with housing officers, visited a number of families involved to advise of the behaviour of their children and that if not addressed and continues, this could result in eviction proceedings being raised, as not engaging in anti-social behaviour is one the conditions of any tenancy agreement.

“I would encourage anyone who has issues with anti-social behaviour or any concerns about the area, to speak to those officers or call police via 101.”

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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