A group of South Side businesses have taken over the funding of taxi marshals to give pub and club goers a new option for their night out.

My Shawlands Business Improvement District, comprised of businesses and organisation in the South Side neighbourhood, decided to begin funding the operation after Glasgow City Council cut funds for the night zone marshals.

Lisa McLaughlin, My Shawlands BID manager, said: "The night time economy is a really important one for Shawlands. We want to support that as much as we can.

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"We want people to enjoy it, to feel safe being here, to know that people visiting are being taken care of.

"This isn't just benefitting one business, it's benefitting restaurant, pubs, bars, so we thought it was really important to continue that service."

The area has seen brand new businesses such as pubs and restaurants move in in the past few years, alongside established businesses such as The Shed, where the taxi rank sits on Langside Avenue.

Marc Frossman, marketing manager for The Shed, said: "Sauchiehall Street has got a taxi marshal set up, the same as what we have here, but that is fully paid for by the council.

"Having a nightclub in Shawlands gives it another reason for you to choose Shawlands for your night out.

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"Traditionally what people would do who live in places like Bearsden, they would go out for dinner in Bearsden then get a taxi into town to go to bars and clubs. We want to keep that economy all in here - being able to go out from 8pm to 3am is a big attraction for us."

While the scheme does benefit businesses in the area, both Lisa and Marc also agreed that first and foremost comes the safety of those who choose Shawlands for their night out.

Marc said: "The taxi marshals are just really nice people, it's all customer service with them and the most important thing is getting home safely, no matter where you're coming from.

"We want Shawlands to not only be known for having the best pubs, restaurants and clubs but also the best safety for a night out."