YET again, we hear more depressing news. (Some happy new year!)

Now, 10-year-olds have joined the war on law-abiding citizens. Knife crimes, school bullying and muggings have increased. Now add to that assault on poor horses.

When will the powers that be realise that the “do gooders” of the past 10 years are WRONG? Stop mollycoddling “criminals” and administer punishment to fit the crime.

Carrying or using a knife warrants a minimum of five years in prison. Lord Carmont dished out maximum sentences for knife and razor crimes in the 1960s and soon rid the streets of Glasgow’s gangsters.

If Nicola Sturgeon can give youngsters the vote then she should send them to jail if required.

Name and Address supplied

IT was really disappointing to read that the council has taken

the proposal to take bus services into social ownership off the table (Public bus ownership plans ‘off the table’ after First Group decide not to sell).

First Bus has been a total letdown and is very expensive for commuters. We will never have a truly integrated transport system in this city whilst operators like First Bus are allowed to rule the roost. All the talk of improvement was just hot air.



A PICTURE in the Glasgow Times on January 23 was of Willie Finlay of Clyde Football Club in 1957 carrying an injured child from the pitch. I was at this game, which was a match between Clyde and Celtic at Shawfield Park.

The boy in the picture was one of several people injured, with one fatality, a nine-year-old boy. The incident occurred when a low

wall facing the stand collapsed under pressure from the number of fans tightly packed into the incident area.


IN these days of Coronavirus

and infection can someone tell

me why the council is placing huge litter and dog waste bins

all over Glasgow with not

even a policy to sanitise these health hazards and protect the cleansing workers who have to empty them?

Bill Love


BAD news for the already struggling pubs in the area (Wetherspoons given green light for historic South Side building takeover). There’s not enough people going out, Glasgow is nothing like what it was in the 90s with people going oot.

Even the city centre is dead, it’s like a ghost town compared to back in the mid to late 90s. We had loads of clubs at full capacity from Thursday to Sunday and even Tuesday nights.

Gerry McGonigle

SUSAN, can you get your SNP buddies at the Scottish Government to invest in a Scottish film studio within Glasgow (Films like 1917 bring £12.5m boost to Glasgow economy)? We have lots of vacant land and empty industrial buildings.

Oh, it already has set up a film studio and the Scottish SNP government has invested millions. Just outside Edinburgh. OK, thanks.

And according to figures obtained under freedom of information laws (via The Ferret) Glasgow City Council only received £35,000 from film companies between 2013 and 2017 for all films. And it caused major disruption and damage to our streets. This was for multi-million budget films like Fast And Furious. Someone is being fast and furious with the figures.

T Paine