SO Glasgow City Council wants to impose a 20mph speed limit in the city?

How about getting the roads which are polluted with potholes repaired before we cannot drive on any of them?


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WHAT an incredible story about Judith Rosenberg, Scotland’s last remaining Auschwitz survivor now aged 97 (Glasgow Times, Saturday).

Despite the horrors she and her family have endured, her indomitable spirit is a beacon of light for everyone.

Stories like this need to be told more than ever to counter the increasing intolerance that we see all around us. God bless her.



Celebrities, the rich, the famous and the green zealots are quick to say that their privileged lifestyles flying hither and thither, travelling in limousines, attending every global gathering, music event, BAFTAs, Grammy Awards, fashion shoots, Glastonbury and so on is carbon neutral because they offset their emissions.

A look at the web shows numerous sites willing to take their guilt away by “funding sustainable projects” and providing “carbon finance to reduce their overall carbon footprint and environmental impact”.

So the rich and famous for a miserly £5 a tonne can claim they are “saving the planet”. They should be paying at least £1000 a tonne. The owners of these sites claim to be offering this service for the environment but they are doing it for profit.

They are on a “nice little earner”.

I doubt if any of the 90,000 people creating additional emissions by attending COP26 in Glasgow in November will pay to “reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact”.

Clark Cross


I LIVE directly across from Silverburn, no more than a one minute walk and I’m in the front door and I’ve never seen any gangs (‘Teen thugs ‘killed’ my dad ... 20 years on it’s still chaos’, Monday).

I’ve also lived in Pollok since the days of the old Pollok Centre and have yet to experience any problems.

I’m genuinely curious to where the Silverburn-related gang activity is happening – I’ve really never seen any, perhaps I’ve just been lucky so far.

I know certain areas have problems but for me I’ve never had any issues.

Toots Mc

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