A Scot accused a Subway store down south of ‘racism’ after refusing to accept a banknote.

Graeme Taylor had a Scottish banknote leftover from a recent trip and tried to use it to pay for a meal in a branch of the fast-food chain in Westbrook Shopping Centre, Warrington, Cheshire.

He was ‘humiliated and embarrassed’ to have the note rejected, but the staff member pointed to a sign on the wall which explained ‘fake currency’ was to blame for a policy banning Scottish notes.

The put-out punter accused the sandwich shop of ‘racism’.

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Graeme said: "I ordered my food and went to pay with a Scottish note, to be told by the employee that they will not accept Scottish or Irish notes and was then pointed to a sign on the wall.

"When I challenged this as to why they would not accept, she advised it was company policy and that’s what she had to go with."

In the store, there was a note on the wall which read: “Due to the rise in the number of fake banknotes in circulation we are no longer able to accept any £50 notes, any type of Scottish or Irish notes.

“We will be checking every note spent.

“Please do not be offended.

“This is the franchise policy.”

Outraged Graeme added: "I felt humiliated and embarrassed to be refused to purchase something.

"Companies the size of Subway should train their staff on the various types of notes, but it comes across as arrogance and naïve to be on our high streets and behave like this as a large organisation.

"This is an act of racism and they need to be held accountable."

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A spokesman for Subway said: "Every Subway® store is owned and operated independently and, as such, acceptance of bank notes is down to the relevant franchise owner.

"Subway does not have a policy on this that franchise owners are required to follow.

"Due to this particular store receiving a high number of counterfeit notes in recent months, the franchise owner has chosen to introduce this policy across his stores.

"The franchise owner’s policy is clearly displayed via the notice so as to reduce any inconvenience to guests."