I AGREE with Alan McGillveray’ comments on the council’s mis-management of Glasgow (Letters, Monday).

Driving cars out of the city with high parking charges and bus lane fines, removing free Sunday parking, etc, is killing our city businesses.

At one point Glasgow was known as the best shopping centre in UK after London.

Now the centre is depressing, with so many empty shops and long-established businesses now defunct, like a city dying on the vine.

I agree that establishing law and order around Priesthill and other held hostage by feral youngsters, organising proper bin collections, dealing with the litter problem, etc is of greater priority than establishing bike lanes, which are only used by a minority of the population (though I am in favour of cycling, but it’s not practical for shopping in town). And what about the problem of begging and homelessness?

I would also prefer to see the council put time and energy into proper planning and governance of the city (including pursuing a city rail link to Glasgow airport, which would greatly reduce pollution) than to push their views on supporting a second independence referendum, which I don’t believe comes into their remit.

Norma De Vilbiss


EAST Kilbride History Society, in association with South Lanarkshire Council Bereavement Services, is seeking to identify men and women who died in armed service between the years 1922 and 1939 and who, at the time, also resided in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

If you have any information which you are able to provide us with about these men and women, we should like to have their names added to local memorials. All information provided will be handled in the strictest confidence.

South Lanarkshire Council Bereavement Services, education department and East Kilbride History Society are seeking information on Scottish military personnel who died in military service between 31st December 1921 and 2nd September 1939, in particular those with homes and families in Glasgow or Lanarkshire.

If anyone has any information which you may be able to provide about any individuals with any person, male or female, it is our intention to have their names added to a local memorial, a possible inclusion in a book of remembrance, all information given in strictest confidence.

Should correspondents wish to contact South Lanarkshire Council Bereavement Services directly with information they can be reached by telephone at 0303 123 1016 or by e-mail at bereavement.services@southlanarkshire.gov.uk, or by post at: South Lanarkshire Council Bereavement Services, Almada Street, Hamilton ML3 1AA

JE Allan

East Kilbride

MY mother and a few of my aunts had dementia, I don’t recall them EVER heading footballs (Celtic icon Stevie Chalmers’ son opens up on dad’s dementia battle, Wednesday).

Dementia is definitely on the increase, I think we need to look else where for the causes.

Douglas Wesley Calbert

Posted online

I WAS very interested to read Matthew Lindsay’s interview with Stevie Chalmers’ son (Glasgow Times, Wednesday).

It’s heartbreaking to read the impact dementia had on the family.


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