EVERY now and then, you need to challenge yourself. Lunchwise, there can’t be anything more challenging than eating a burrito at your office desk. Rice, salsa, guacamole, chilli – so many things to spill down your front and into your keyboard.

But new year, new you and all that – leave the worries about humiliating yourself in front of your colleagues behind and go for it. At least, that’s what the “inspirational” posters say, alongside things like “live, laugh, love”.

With those sentiments in mind, I ordered a burrito lunch from Taco Mazama and got stuck in.

Even if it hadn’t been Veganuary, as advocates of animal-free eating call it, there would have been plenty of veg-based options alongside mucho carne for the carnivores.

I ordered a build-your-own burrito with lime and coriander white rice, chipotle shredded tofu, pico de gallo salsa, lettuce, jalapenos and guacamole. What arrived was the size of a baby.

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And what was inside the soft tortilla wrap was a proper treat, if a bit salty – crisp lettuce, zesty rice and rich chipotle tofu plus beans and other loveliness.

There was a bit more rice than I’d have liked, a touch less guac, and three quarters of the way into the mammoth morsel I did wonder if I’d bitten off more than I could chew.

Thankfully I had ordered a fancy juice to wash it all down. Taco Mazama stocks imported Mexican beverages, including a guava-flavoured ginger from Jarritos. Its “millennial pink” colouring made it looks like something from a style page, and it was a fantastic counterpoint to the full-flavoured burrito.

I’d ordered the meal through Uber Eats and swallowed a £3.49 delivery charge to have my luxury lunch brought to me. I wondered if it would be quicker to head to Mexico myself, but the website promised I’d have the order within 45 minutes.

In fact, it arrived in fewer than 20 minutes – so quick I hadn’t even cleared my tasks.

The arrival of the brown paper bags attracted some envious glances. I’d have been the same if the warm chilli aroma was floating past my desk while I contemplated a wabbit piece brought in from home.

That’s what my lunch often consists of, and while I couldn’t call in a feed every day, this mid-week treat was a proper feast and kept me going all afternoon. And I didn’t even make a mess.