A SCOTTISH songwriter who helped pen a hit for one of the world’s biggest bands BTS will release his own music this year.

Ryan Lawrie, 23, now known as KOOLKID, wrote Mikrokosmos for the South Korean popstars 2019 release Map of the Soul: Persona which hit number one in the UK Charts, US Billboard Charts, and 80 other countries.

Now he is releasing his new single Feelings today, a song that was co-written with former Prides star Lewis Gardiner.

He said: “It is so exciting.

“When the BTS album came out and I saw how massive that went, I was like I would love to be doing that again.”

He added: “Lewis is insane, we work together quite a lot.

“I also work with Stewart who was the lead singer. They are amazingly talented. They just get my sound completely.

“When I am in the studio with Lewis we just click. I always manage to come out of the studio with something amazing.

“Feelings is coming out and I feel this one is a bit more energetic, a bit more high energy. I feel this is the exciting one.”

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The singer has already teased fans with his sound, described as electronic pop, with debut single 2 Soon.

But prior to releasing his own music, Ryan worked with production duo Arcades in London where he was songwriting for other artists.

That relationship lead to his song ending up on the BTS album.

He said: “BTS are probably the biggest band on the planet right now.

“It kind of all happened because I do a lot of writing in London for artists. I work with a production duo called Arcades.

“We were in the studio one day and they got a brief through saying BTS were looking for new music.

“I just started working on some stuff and we sent it off. They were like we really love it, we would like to take it on and do our own thing on it

“It has kind of went from there and now we are working with them in upcoming projects as well.”

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Ryan, who grew up in Airdrie and Coatbridge, has been grafting as a musician since he was 15.

A regular in Glasgow’s street busking circuit, the talented star will be familiar to X Factor fans where he was a finalist in 2016.

“I started off doing little shows in the city, busking on the street when I was 15,” said Ryan.

He added: “That is was kind of what started everything off in the live scene."