A COMMUNITY campaign to have speed bumps installed in a street used as a "racetrack" by drivers has been successful,

Glencairn Drive was the scene of a shocking car crash in November 2018 when a 15-year-old girl allegedly took a car out for a joyride.

Residents were left shocked after the incident left three vehicles written off - an Audi being driven by the teenager and two parked cars.

Locals banded together to crack down on dangerous driving, saying they were frightened for their children's safety.

And now council officials have allowed "speed cushions" to be installed on the street.

Local resident Owen Piper said: "We are very pleased that is has gone ahead and we have managed to persuade the authorities that we have a serious problem here.

"I have heard a couple of cars speeding down the road [since the speed bumps were installed] in the last few nights but it is making a difference in that the street is significantly quieter.

Glasgow Times:

"My wife and I have two kids and it's been a big concern that the children are walking to and from school when cars are going past at such speed.

"So it's a big relief to have something in place that will slow people down.

"This has been a really, really positive campaign and it has been a really useful exercise in bringing the community together."

A teenage girl was reported to the children's reporter following the crash in 2018.

For Pollokshields locals it was the inevitable result of years of speeding drivers using the street as a racetrack.

Resident Fiona McNeil added: "It’s been great to be part of a community initiative that led to change with real support from local councillors and other community groups."

On the night of the crash residents, including Owen's doctor wife Peigi Mackay, ran outside to help pull the young driver free of the vehicle, which landed on its roof.

Local councillor Jon Molyneux backed the residents in their campaign.

He said: "I’m delighted the Glencairn Drive residents’ campaign has had a positive result.

Glasgow Times:

"A speed survey last year recorded cars driving at up to 60mph in a 30mph zone. Sadly a very small minority of people think it’s okay to drive at such dangerous speeds in residential streets, putting lives at risk.

"The new traffic calming measures are already having an impact, which is great. But there’s more to be done to tackle speeding at source, as it remains a concern across the wider Pollokshields community."

Dozens of speed cushions have been installed on Glencairn Drive and nearby Dalziel Drive after lobbying from the Glencairn Drive Slow Campaign.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “Over the course of 2019 we undertook traffic surveys in the area and it was clear that vehicle speeds along these roads were simply too high.

Glasgow Times:

“We’ve installed a total of 48 speed cushions on both Glencairn and Dalziel Drives and we hope this will help give the community the respite they have been looking for.

“The evidence on road safety is clear that lower speeds reduce the risk of accidents and also reduce the severity of any injuries suffered by those involved in an accident.”