I DON’T understand this at all (Losing the plot: Council’s consultants recommend turning thriving allotments into car park, Friday).

I watched Beechgrove Garden last night and saw the work and community that allotments create.

You can not recreate that. We should be building more allotments and not car parks.

Andrew Burns

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LIKE the Taliban and countless other oppressive regimes, Glasgow City Council believes that its proper function is to vet the religious views aired in its area of control.

Preventing American Christian Franklin Graham from speaking at the SEC is an egregious attack on freedom of speech and a worrying sign that our tradition of open democratic society is under threat.

Patrick Harvie once again headed the campaign to shut up anyone he disagrees with. He has no conception of tolerance, only the sure and certain conviction that everyone who diverges from his one true truth needs to be eliminated from public debate.

Mr Harvie’s extremism can easily be understood as a text book case of authoritarian political extremism. What is harder to fathom is the bizarre phenomenon of Christians who broadly share Mr Graham’s orthodox Christian views voting for the Scottish Green Party.

Richard Lucas

Leader of The Scottish Family Party

HOW unfortunate that council leader Susan Aitken told the SEC “it would not be appropriate” for the Franklin Graham event to go ahead, whatever your view of the American preacher (or anyone for that matter).

Oh dear it does seem extreme! One shudders to think what show or concert will be banned next! The Chinese Elite will be proud of these bullies!

What should we do? Run to the barricades with flags, crying liberty, equality, fraternity? Or, in the face of totalitarianism, keep well hidden below the parapets, hide in a bunker before they come to take me away for daring to think differently or express a non conformist view?

David B

Via email

WELL done, this is what we need urgently done in Durward Avenue and Dinmont Road as we are troubled with stupid racers here too (Plagued by boy racers: Pollokshields residents’ road safety campaign succeeds, Friday).

They do have speed humps in Moss Side road as that is outside a school.

Alan Hall

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WHAT is it with the cops who release blurry images of criminals and thugs months after the crime – even their own mother wouldn’t recognise them!

Jim McGurk


THERE is no positive case for the union (No referendum announcement from Nicola Sturgeon in Brexit Day speech, ET online).

Scotland was its only country for 1000+ years before the union and Westminster does not care about Scotland.

Mike Mcl

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I SINCERELY hope the independence marches get limited or abolished (MSP calls for cut in marches in Glasgow after recent ‘unacceptable’ clashes, Friday) as they are a huge disruption to everyone else as well as costing ridiculous amounts of money from the public purse – which could be better spent on much needed services like hospitals, schools, care for the elderly etc

David Solomon

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