NEIGHBOURS of a partially collapsed tenement block have called on Glasgow City Council to push on with repair plans after a two year wait for answers.

During Storm Ophelia in October 2017 the facade of 127 Albert Road crumbled, leaving the inside of the building exposed to the elements.

The block of flats had previously been evacuated after safety concerns for the structure and had been lying empty for a year.

Residents who live either side of the close say they are concerned by constant delays to the repairs scheme.

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said: "I have written to the chief executive of Glasgow City Council regarding the ongoing delays to the potential repair of the storm damaged Albert Road tenements.

"I am continually contacted by concerned neighbouring residents.

Glasgow Times:

"The storm damage occurred in 2017, we are in 2020 and despite many commitments and deadlines they have not been met.

"I have urged the council to support the owners in saving their building."

A letter seen by the Glasgow Times from council bosses says the local authority is currently seeking tender prices for repair of the building.

Documents were given to the council's procurement team, on time, on October 31, the letter adds.

It then says: "As I have previously advised, if DRS considers it too costly to reinstate the building we will look at what other options are available and discuss these with the property owners.

"The property owners are, however, still awaiting a decision on the appeal they have submitted against their insurers’ rejection of their claim so I am hopeful that a repair solution can be found.

"I apologise for the delays in this process, however, I hope that the neighbouring residents can understand that the situation is complicated and that every effort and support is being given to the owners of this property to try and save their building."

The council has previously pledged that the tenement would be fully repaired by May 2019.

Now, it looks like repair works will only begin nearly a year after that promised date.

Glasgow Times:

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said that, with four weeks for the contractors to price the works document, they may be in a position in early to mid March to proceed with a repair scheme.

He said: "We appreciate people’s concerns and will do all that we can to support the process."