I WAS interested in your article on Saturday about a Slimming Wold banner being removed. It appears to have been on a church’s property (presumably with their permission) and should not have been removed.

However, I have to say that the worst offenders for fly-posting in the East End of Glasgow are Slimming World. Along with litter, such fly-posting really drags down the image of an area. And it is not fair on decent organisations who pay for their advertising.

I have written to Slimming World nationally to complain and got a reasonable letter back deploring illegal advertising. However, they say they have a franchise system and are not responsible for the behaviour of franchisees or consultants. But they do say, “We also ensure consultants are aware that they are liable for prosecution and any fines which may be imposed”.

So I do appeal to Slimming World reps... please stop the fly-posting and damaging our area.

John Mason

MSP for Glasgow Shettleston

AFTER all the hoorah about Greta Thunberg, it would appear she is just as human as the rest that came before her. She wants to trademark her name and one of her slogans. Anytime this happens it means the copyrighter is after one thing and one thing only – money. Maybe the Time magazine Person of the Year accolade has went to her head.

Richard Low


IT has been announced that the Mossmorran complex will be the base for this year’s Climate Camp Scotland demonstration. If the police allow this demonstration then there should be a counter demonstration by those who work in the complex and those in the supply chain since it is their jobs that will be lost.

Exxon is making a £144 million investment and Shell is planning a further 50 years of operation so guaranteed job security now and in the future. The council taxpayers in Fife should also turn out to demonstrate against Climate Camp Scotland since their council tax bills will escalate – treble? – and council services would be slashed, should Mossmorran be forced to close. Shell and Exxon pay millions of pounds in business rates so employees, suppliers and the public must fight these luddite Climate Camp Scotland cowards. Cowards? Yes, because they are frightened to go to China and the oil-rich countries where any demonstration would be squashed by riot police.

Clark Cross