The Scottish Government has confirmed that they will consider inviting Greta Thunberg to visit Glasgow during the COP26 in November. 

Last year the 17-year-old’s public relations team said that Greta “could be interested” in speaking at the Climate Change Conference in November and that they “would be in touch closer to the time”.

Several months back, Councillor Paul Carey sent calls to Leader of the Council Susan Aitken asking if it would be possible to invite the Swedish activist to speak to local school children. 

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Councillor Paul Carey has said he is "delighted" after the Scottish Government confirmed with him they would be extending an invite to Miss Thunberg.

He told the Glasgow Times:  "I am delighted that the Scottish Government is considered inviting Greta Thunberg to the COP26, however I deeply disappointed that Glasgow isn't taking the lead in this."

"I have wrote over the last year asking the Leader of the Council to invite Miss Thunberg, but in my opinion she has made a number of excuses not to invite her - I think this is a missed opportunity from the council."

"However, this opportunity will hopefully allow a number of young people to attend the COP26 and hopefully take part in question and answer sessions with miss Thunberg."

The event will host up to 200 heads of government from around the world and up to 30,000 delegates will meet to draw up a new climate change strategy.

Miss Thunberg has been seen attending previous COPs including the most recent one in Madrid in December. She has also attended other international events, recently speaking at the annual World Economic Forum.