I AM hoping you can help me, although it’s a big ask.

I’m trying to trace Susan and Alex. I met them on holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in October 2016. I did have their address – it was on a receipt but unfortunately it got thrown away by accident. I only really know they came from Glasgow.

They are really lovely people and we got on so well. I don’t know their surname. We met first on a coach trip although they were at a different hotel than mine in the Babin Kuk area of Dubrovnik.

We had a meal together and arranged to meet up on another day trip. I feel sad that we’ve not kept in touch, as I said I’d send photos of our time together in Kotor and Mostar.

I know so much time has gone since October 2016 but I still

keep hoping I can get in touch.

I’ve tried other ways but with no luck. A friend suggested I write to the Glasgow Times.

I think they said they were from the west of Glasgow. Like I said, it’s a big ask. Thank you.

Barbara Hibbert


DAVID Solomon (Letters, February 1) says that he hopes independence marches are curtailed due to the disruption and the cost of policing.

Does he not believe in freedom of speech and the right for citizens to hold the view that they would like to see their country independent? I wonder if he would also like to ban the sectarian marches which contribute nothing to the wellbeing of the nation?


AS reported in your paper yesterday, Donald Tusk has said that he has empathy with Scotland – and also that “emotionally I have no doubt that everyone will be enthusiastic here in Brussels and more generally in Europe” about the SNP wishing to join the EU.

That means that Donald Tusk supports the break-up of the United Kingdom – he is ignoring the democratic referendum in 2014 when Scotland voted to remain as part of the United Kingdom.

I think this shows how shallow these politicians are. They say they support democracy until it does not go their way. Well, that proves to me that the United Kingdom has made the correct decision, because if Tusk’s comments prove one thing, it’s the saying: “If voting made any difference do you think they would let you do it?”

Also, maybe you could pass this question on to the undemocratic Mr Tusk – when are you joining the SNP?

Jim Tees

Via email