WELL done Glasgow and well done Glasgow City Council.

No hate preaching here, and we should be proud of our city for it.

American pastor Franklin Graham was due to come to Glasgow's Hydro on an evangelistic outreach eight-day tour of the UK. The son of Billy Graham, one of the most influential evangelical leaders of the 20th century and a favourite of the Queen, the preacher heads up a $765,000,000 empire that includes the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and his international Christian relief effort, Samaritan’s Purse.

Graham is famous for his Islamophobic and anti-gay statements and so, unsurprisingly, his proposed visit to Scotland proved controversial.

In a positive sign, the outrage as his impending seemed only to prompt controversy - rather than being divisive.

The reaction to his stint at the Hydro was met with derision and no support.

That seems like a progressive step. After all, this is the man who claimed Barack Obama was "born a Muslim", a racist dogwhistle designed to discredit the former president. He also said Satan was behind same-sex marriage and spoke out against amendments to US laws that would make gay marriage legal across all 50 states.

His ire against minority groups, LGBT people and other faiths is hypocrisy.

Graham had his knickers in a twist over Sunday night's Superbowl halftime show, which saw J. Lo and Shakira do what J. Lo and Shakira tend to do. They performed enthusiastic dance routines backed by women in one-legged red catsuits gyrating, as dancers are prone to. Shock, horror.

Well, it was shock and horror from the preacher.

"I don’t expect the world to act like the church," he tweeted. "But our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime time TV in order to protect children.

"This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay."

Thank you for your concern about our moral and physical wellbeing, Mr Graham, but perhaps look closer to home.

The preacher is one of Donald Trump's most vocal supporters and allies. That self same Trump who just grabs women by the p*ssy whenever he feels like it.

There's your deep concern for women, reverend. I can't even mention the man you support in a family newspaper without having to star out some of the words associated with him. How wholesome. Such moral decency.

He released t shirts in support of Donald Trump during calls for the Presidents impeachment. He has repeatedly said he supports and prays for the president to remain in power.

Not that he prays for Trump to become a better man, a less sexist, more compassionate man who ceases his government's policy of keeping children locked in cages at the US/Mexico border.

No, that he prays for Trump to remain in office.

What an impressive double-think, to condemn homosexuality and Islam yet support misogyny and cruelty.

Marriage between a man and a man is wrong, Graham believes, but being a twice-divorced adulterer is absolutely fine.

Not all Christians condemn same-sex marriage and homosexuality. In Glasgow the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) meets on a Sunday in Ibrox Parish Church. When I visited I met people with a deep Christian faith who had been ostracised by other churches because of their sexual orientation and had found solace at MCC.

The minister there, Jane Clarke, spoke of the reconciliation between Christian beliefs and human rights, a reconciliation Graham is incapable of.

Instead, he is a member of a Christian right that believes sexual attraction is a choice and that gay people choose to go against God in their relationships. They believe in gay conversion therapy.

The question is whether we, as a city and country, want this sort of message to be spread here. And the answer clearly was no.

We know that homophobia is very much still an issue here. In 2018, Blair Wilson, then 21, was violently attacked in a homophobic assault in Neilston, East Renfrewshire.

Last week a man was arrested following an alleged homophobic attack in Shawlands.

During a night out in September in Glasgow city centre a man approached my friend and I and made homophobic and sexist slurs with some racism thrown in for good measure.

We like to think we're a modern, progressive city but this sort of hatred occurs constantly.

We're at the start of LGBT History month and what better a way to begin than to say, very clearly and from the top down, that homophobia is not welcome in Glasgow.

The work to rid our communities of hatred is still hard and ongoing but putting a stop to Franklin Graham's visit is a clear, positive step in the right direction.