BBC Scotland has not made last night’s Sportsound show available as a podcast after Michael Stewart went on a rant about Rangers’ director of communications.

Former BBC Scotland presenter Jim Traynor – now in a PR role at the Glasgow giants – was the subject of Michael Stewart’s anger during a heated debate.

It came during a discussion about an Alfredo Morelos interview, aired earlier in the day by Sky Sports, in which the Colombian striker said he had been subject to racial abuse in Scotland.

Stewart accused Rangers, and Traynor, of releasing the story to distract from the weekend exclusive in the Sunday Mail which revealed Morelos to be the target of a private investigator hired by his wife.

Originally, it was reported elsewhere that an individual was caught tampering with Morelos’s car which led to many conspiracy theories being spun.

Stewart said it also led to him being targetted by certain fans, blaming him for the incident for being critical of the Colombian in the past.

"Alfredo Morelos has done his first interview today with Sky Sports. It was filmed on Friday. Last week there was a story in the newspaper about somebody tampering with the brakes of his sports car. Now, who fed that line? Because it certainly wasn't the police ... and there was an interview set up and recorded on Friday which was released today that gets everyone distracted from talking about something else, which is a poor story, racism in Scotland. We don't want it. If there's evidence we condemn it.

"Last week somebody leaked a story about tampering with brakes, completely unfounded and what does it do? I get messages saying I'm complicit in attempted murder along with other people. Utter garbage. And that is what I find extremely disappointing, somebody stoking fires for their own personal gain.”

Sportsound presenter Kenn McIntyre interjected on a number of occasions to say that Traynor was not there to defend himself and that Stewart's views did not represent that of BBC Scotland.

We have contacted BBC Scotland and Rangers for comment.