Celtic fans have bemoaned a contestant on ITV quiz show The Chase after he failed to answer a question correctly about their team - and superfan Rod Stewart's love for the Hoops.

Challenger Amit was asked, "What is written on the gates of Rod Stewart's Beverly Hills mansion?" with 'Sailing Home', 'Sexy' and 'God Bless Celtic' provided as the three options.

The contestant answered 'Sexy', providing the explanation that he "feels like it's something [Stewart] would do". However, the real answer was "God Bless Celtic", leading to fans of the Glasgow giants pulling their hair out at the "obvious" option.

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One complained: "Idiot, of course it was going to be Celtic". Another added: "On the chase and the question is What is written on rod Stewarts mansion in Beverly hills and the guys says sexy. It was obviously god bless celtic haha".

One was simply pleased to see Celts represented on the TV quiz. The user said: "God bless Celtic being a right answer on #TheChase . Magnificent."

A fourth added: "God Bless Celtic  on the chase yaaaaasssss",

It's not the first time Celtic have been an answer on the Bradley Walsh-hosted gameshow. A woman, from Fife, was blasted by Hoops fans for failing to answer the question: "Which British team was the first to win the European Cup in 1967?"