The first result in the race to challenge Donald Trump for the US Presidency is in …and it's from Glasgow.

Iowa, traditionally is the first state to hold the caucuses, where Democrat supporters meet to decide who to back as their presidential nominee for the election in November this year

And for the first time, the Iowa Democrats held international satellite caucuses outside the United States, in Glasgow, Paris and Tiblisi.

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There were 19 democrat supporters registered for the Glasgow event which met in a flat in the west end.

It was hosted by Colyn Burbank, a postgraduate student at Strathclyde University who is from Des Moines, Iowa.

As confusion surrounds the full Iowa result, which may not be known for days yet, the result from Glasgow is the first to be declared.

Bernie Sanders came out top with nine votes ahead of Elizabeth Warren in second place on six after two rounds.

Glasgow Times:

The Glasgow result will be represented by an attendee at the county convention and will count towards the  total for each candidate in the long process all across the USA of choosing the Democrat candidate for President.