A MAN who was jailed for 12 years for violently shaking a baby has had his sentence cut by appeal judges.

Paul Carlton,25, was imprisoned for leaving an eight-week-old boy with severe brain injuries.

He was supposed to be looking after the infant in his flat in Nitshill, Glasgow, on August 9 2017. The child’s mum had gone for a beauty appointment and lunch with her sister.

However, Carlton attacked the tot leaving him unable to crawl, walk or talk.

The accused originally claimed to police that a puppy was to blame for the child’s injuries. However, jurors found him guilty of attempted murder.

On Tuesday at the Court of Criminal Appeal, Carlton’s lawyers told judges Lord Brodie and Lord Turnbull that their colleague Lord Burns didn’t properly follow the law in imposing the 12 year sentence.

They argued that Lord Burns had a obligation to impose a sentence comparable to those who have been jailed for similar offences.

They argued that people in similar positions had received custodial terms which weren’t as long as the one imposed on Carlton.

Lord Brodie and Lord Turnbull agreed with these submissions. The judges ordered that two years should be cut from Carlton’s sentence.

Lord Turnbull said: “With everything that has been said it clear that the trial judge did not follow the principles of comparative justice.

“We shall quash the sentence and substitute it for one of 10 years.”