I RECENTLY returned from holiday after departing from Glasgow Airport.

When my husband and I were in the departure lounge waiting for our flight gate details I decided to go to WH Smith to purchase water, juice and newspapers for our flight.

After standing in a long queue I eventually approached the assistant to make payment. I was asked for my boarding pass which I did have with me I had left it with my husband I was told I had to produce my boarding pass otherwise I could not purchase any items in WH Smith.

I explained I did not think that this was correct, to be met with a curt reply ‘I don’t make the rules, it’s company policy’ end of story.

I then decided to go along to Boots, purchased the same items and when I was at their checkout the assistant did ask me for my boarding pass, again when I explained I didn’t have it with me she said it was not a problem, she was polite, friendly, very efficient and wished me a good flight, what a difference in customer relation service between two companies.

I know all companies at airports ask for boarding passes, I don’t know if I am right in thinking the reason for this is that they can claim back the VAT on our purchases, it would be interesting to find out if this is the case or not, but I am led to believe you do not need to produce your boarding pass when making a purchase.

As far as WH Smith as a company is concerned I would ask that they look into this matter and address this problem. I would have thought they would welcome all sales not reject them, it certainly is not good publicity for them, or Glasgow Airport.



JOSEPH YULE gave an interesting account of the progress made in cities like Glasgow since the 70s in term of integration etc (Letters, Wednesday).

He goes on however, to mention the recent decision to cancel the contract of Franklin Graham to preach in Glasgow and concludes this somehow negates against a Christian message being delivered.

Perhaps he should do research into the background of the said individual and his less than charitable views on the LGBT+ community among others. We need to thrive in a fully inclusive society and not just the bits we feel comfortable about.



TYPICAL of how short-sighted some councillors and MSPs can be. Councillor Craig Carey is delighted the Scottish Government may invite Greta Thunberg to speak at the COP 26 conference in November. (Glasgow Times, Tuesday).

Is it not time we let this young lady return to a normal life and enjoy time with her family.

Surely, as we have nine months before the COP 26 conference in Glasgow, we can find a young Scot as our climate saviour to fly the flag for Scotland?


East Kilbride