Celtic have branded Sky's response to their complaint "inadequate" and have lodged an official complaint with TV watchdog Ofcom after Alfredo Morelos' mis-translated interview.

Morelos was reported to have accused Celtic fans of targeting him with racist abuse. However it has since been outlined that the Rangers striker did not mention this at any stage of the interview.

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Sky issued an apology to Celtic and pulled the interview from their channel and social media platforms. But now the Hoops have complained further, issuing a statement to their support this afternoon.

The club said: "The statement issued by Sky Television is inadequate. It does not identify the source of the translation or why phrases, which bore no relationship to the words used by Mr Morelos, were introduced into it.

"In view of the substantial issues of public interest involved, Celtic have lodged a complaint with the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, who can seek the necessary answers and adjudicate accordingly."

Celtic also published the letter sent to Ofcom in full where they criticise the broadcaster for the "grossly and irresponsibly misleading" subtitles.

Peter Lawwell's letter in FULL:

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of Celtic Football Club, I wish to lodge an official complaint in respect of an interview with the footballer, Alfredo Morelos, which was broadcast on all Sky platforms on Monday 3 February.

Mr Morelos spoke in Spanish and sub-titles were provided. It is our contention that the presentation of this interview was grossly and irresponsibly misleading due to the wildly inaccurate and tendentious translation which was provided in the sub-titles.

The effect and, we believe, purpose of this misrepresentation was to broadcast offensive and incendiary allegations against Celtic Football Club and its supporters, by attempting to attribute these – quite unfairly – to Mr Morelos. It is difficult to think of a more irresponsible piece of “sporting journalism”.

Celtic Football Club has issued a statement on the subject which is attached for your convenience.  We understand that the interview is no longer available through Sky Television which is, in itself, recognition of its deficiencies. 

On the basis of the inaccurate translation, highly damaging and wholly inaccurate stories were briefed to the press.

I am therefore asking Ofcom to conduct an investigation in order to answer the following questions:

1     Who was responsible for the inaccurate translation?

2     What steps were taken by Sky Television to ascertain the accuracy, or otherwise, of the translation provided?

3     What part did Sky Television play in briefing the story, based on the inaccurate translation, to the wider media?

We believe this is a matter of substantial public interest for the following reasons:

1.   Issues of racism and sectarianism are far too important to be manipulated in this way by any broadcaster or third party.

2.   The use of mis-translation to convey false meaning is a dangerous form of “fake news” which must be condemned and sanctioned.

3.   Mr Morelos has been seriously misrepresented and is deserving of apology and explanation. 

I look forward to your early response.

Yours faithfully

Peter Lawwell
Chief Executive
Celtic plc

More follows.