Brucie the Bear was a Christmas celebrity that was born from a tragedy.

The Glasgow Times reported in December that the McBlane family had comes up with Brucie the Bear not just to remember the memory of the late Debbie McBlane, who passed away in the Beatson in 2018, but to raise some vital funds for the hospice and honour the young doctor who helped Debbie so much in her final months.

Brucie the Bear was the main character of a line dance, modelled on Debbie's doctor Dr. Bruce, who turned on Christmas lights all over Scotland and danced on Buchanan Street.

Now The Glasgow Times can reveal that Brucie the Bear raised almost £3500 for the Beatson Hospice.

Murray McBlane, who wrote and performs Brucie's Christmas song, said that Debbie's family were "delighted" with how the campaign turned out.

"Debbie would be absolutely overjoyed if she was here" he told The Glasgow Times.

"We had such a great time over Christmas with Brucie, from dancing in the street to performing all over the place.

"We even had Garry Hollywood talking about Brucie. But the most important person to get in touch with us was Dr. Bruce himself".

All the way from Australia, Dr. Bruce had found out that Brucie was based on himself and got in touch with Murray and George, Debbie's husband, to tell of how touched he was that Brucie was modelled on him.

"He said that he still remembered Debbie, and how she was always smiling" said Murray. "It was like the final piece of the jigsaw was complete.

"Brucie will be back, and you can buy his song now. It won't be the last we see of him"