COUNCILLOR Robert Connelly accused Councillor Jennifer Layden asking if she misled colleagues, and said groups had been rejected from funding over “petty administrative errors” (Senior councillor accused of ‘misleading’ council over funding U-turn).

This is not true. Some groups had forgotten to include documents such as audited accounts.

Sorry, but if you know the deadline, have the application form and instructions on what needs to be submitted and you mess it up, it’s your fault, not the council’s.

To then go to the papers to highlight your own errors to try and get sympathy is a joke.

John Smith

COUNCILLOR Cavannah is quite right in the story on the sale of land to Celtic – as land sold by public bodies always appears to be valued far less than would have been the case had the land been in private ownership (Glasgow City Council agree £100,000 land sale to Celtic near Parkhead).

In recent years we have seen NHS land such as the Western and Victoria hospitals, to name but two, allegedly being sold off for practically buttons. Surely the councillors could ask for an explanation from the District Valuer as to how they reached a particular valuation?

It would be interesting to know if the council has to accept the District Valuer’s valuation or can they seek further valuations from another independent surveyor?

JP B2019

IN selling the land to Celtic, maybe they took into account the limited access to the land or the fact that there is a cemetery adjacent to it.

Maybe, just maybe, they thought that as it was disabled fans who would benefit, they let it go.

Jim Marnell

THE Battlefield Street Design plans are a great idea for a massively under-utilised space and there was a heap of very good consultation done over a long period (Southside community blasts consultation for potential Battlefield plans).

Something needs to be done to make Battlefield Road less car-orientated and this is a fantastic development for the whole area.


LORNA McKenzie made the point in yesterday’s paper that we must do more to get girls into science – and pointed to a study finding a lack of awareness of women scientists (Women should know they have a place in science).

She is right, and I would love to see our children in primary schools taught about the incredible Mary Somerville.

This Scottish genius was, in fact, the person the word “scientist” was first coined for – as her knowledge ranged across so many fields.


DEREK Mackay and the SNP are secretive when it comes to the latest GDP figures which were not on the usual government statistical websites and were only revealed after a request by the Sunday Times.

The national deficit is up to 7.2% which is a blow to an independent Scotland joining the EU (the national deficit must be less than 3% to join the EU).

At least Derek has a good pension to help. But it will mean the rest of us will have to suffer the drop in economic output. No wonder Nicola says independence is more important than balance sheets.

Before you go Derek, thanks for the 7.8% slash in council money to Glasgow since you were finance minister. Good riddance.

And it now seems good timing that Nicola was desperate for an election a couple of months ago.

T Paine