WHILST the SNP were no doubt started by well-minded folk with beliefs and principles, that would not appear to be the case today.

It’s more a group of self-serving individuals who see themselves as career politicians that are set on making a living at the expense of the British taxpayer. Whilst at the same time trying to pull Britain apart.

They have cost Scotland enough and ran their course. They make noises about safe subjects that are newsworthy at the time and make sure they are on the scene when the cameras are present. But health, housing, education and jobs need to be scrutinised. Similarly with public funds and the return to the Scottish people for such investment.

What have been the real benefits? Perhaps those caught up in the nonsense presented as patriotic romance and oppression are now beginning to smell the coffee. Actors and, with no disrespect, car salesman are terms which spring to mind when looking at and listening to them.

Get rid and let us move forward for the benefit of all. Free from bickering, scaremongering and mischief-making.

With one layer of politicians gone, time for another lot to go. Use the money for the benefit of the people who need it.

James Street

NOT for the first time I believe Jackson Carlaw is clutching at straws here in trying to apportion blame at the door of the First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon accused of failure of leadership after Derek Mackay scandal).

I am far from being a fan of the FM, but I have to say that from what I’ve read, the FM acted almost immediately after the matter had been brought to her attention.

She sought Derek Mackay’s resignation, withdrew the whip and suspended him from the SNP – what more could she have done? What more would Jackson Carlaw have done?

Perhaps he will tell us, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

JP B2019

WHAT is worrying is that there is not one major political party in the UK that has not been involved in some kind of grooming, physical and sexual abuse scandal.

So no party can take the moral high ground.

All parties should find a way to work together to prevent these people being put forward for election, as the minute they are elected, they use their new-found power to their advantage and to the detriment of others.

Jane Smith

GLASGOW has announced that the proposed pedestrianisation changes to George Square will start in 2023.

The Chinese have just built two super hospitals in the space of eight days. Just saying!