A Glasgow MP has slammed former Labour candidate Faten Hameed for joining the Tories. 

In a tweet from Tory councillor Thomas Kerr, Hameed was welcomed to the Tory "family" as someone who knows the Conservatives are "the only party that'll beat the SNP and move Scotland forward".

Hameed was previously a Labour Party candidate for the constituency of Glasgow Central.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss called her out, saying her switch was "astonishing". 

She added: "In December, Faten Hameed stood on a Labour manifesto, said the Tories would 'only look after the privileged few', that she'd oppose Brexit and campaign to remain.

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"Now she stands with those who brought about Brexit, austerity and the hostile environment."

She expressed her disappointment in Hameed and said that despite their differences, they were "very much as one, on the damage wreaked by the Tories".

The SNP's Carol Monaghan also responded to the news, saying: "Interesting, considering Faten Hameed was a Corbynite. Also wondering what gems of wisdom she will offer the Tories on beating the SNP since she herself has tried twice and failed."

Thewliss beat Hameed by 6474 votes, in the last General Election. Hameed, running for Labour earned more than triple the votes received by her Tory opponent.