WHAT a strange letter from James Street (SNP’s time in power must come to an end). He castigates the SNP and talks about car salesmen and actors, getting rid of them and moving forward. If he thinks getting rid of political parties will benefit the nation what would he replace them with? A dictator to rule with an iron fist?

Like them or loathe them, political parties are full of people with the same human frailties as the rest of the community. Fortunately, there are also many very dedicated and thoughtful people working within those parties to make life better for everyone. Yes, mistakes are made and some fall from grace, but I would rather have that than some of the alternatives.

Meanwhile, reading about

the continued bin collection problems in Glasgow and how these are attributed to cutbacks and lack of staff is really concerning. Surely the right of citizens to live in a clean environment, free from concern about rodent problems and filth, is paramount? Someone in authority needs to take a handle on this as we deserve much better than this.

And after many complaints about pot holes, Red Road in Barmulloch was partially closed around two weeks ago to allow a large section to be repaired.

I drove down there the other day and guess what? At least three of the original pot holes have reappeared! I hope the council are going to get the contractor to return and repair this issue but I won’t hold my breath.



NO one condones abuse of any kind regardless of who it is directed at but the BBC also have a duty to support free speech at all times – which Michael Stewart recently did and was shown the exit door for so doing.

BBC head of newsgathering Howard Simpson told staff: “Giving our audience as much information and as many facts as we can is crucial to what we do – no matter how uncomfortable that is for some vocal minorities who would rather hear only what they want to hear.”

I agree with that and would hope that only facts were reported to the public so there’s a duty on all journalists to check the facts before putting “news” in the public domain.

JP B2019

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YOU reported on the Playground Festival having “a 45% female


I hope Geoff Ellis (left) over at TRSNMT is paying attention.