Nicola Sturgeon said there are “big questions” about the feasibility of a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland as suggested by the Prime Minister.

The First Minister said that Boris Johnson’s idea for a study into a link across the deep water of the North channel with some difficult weather conditions and world war II munitions dump was maybe not the best use of £20billion pounds.

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She said: “I’m really ambitions for Scotland and its connections to our neighbours and the rest of the world, but to say there are some big questions about the feasibility and the deliverability of the bridge to Northern Ireland  is an understatement.

“Far be it for me to point out this would not be the first bridge Boris Johnson has promised and failed to deliver, so he has something of a track record.”

The First Minister said that the money if it was available could e better spent on other projects.

“If he wants to prove it can be done and it’s feasible and deliverable, then let’s see where he gets to. It’s deep water and a munitions dump at the bottom of it.

“There’s some big questions. I guess if I was saying to him, if you have got £20bn available to build a bridge, I’m sure me and equally the First Minister of Northern Ireland could find lots of things to spend that on right now.

“I’m happy to take the £20bn Boris but maybe not spend it on your latest bridge.”