CITY cleansing workers will be left out of pocket and face “significant upheaval” after a council decision to close their depot, it has been claimed.

The 60 workers at Baltic Street depot in Dalmarnock have been told they will now work more than four miles away at another site in Queenslie.

It is claimed the move will mean workers will now have to fork out at least £60 a month to cover travel costs.

Many workers live locally and have been employed at the Baltic Street site since it opened on August 10, 1987. It is expected to close in weeks.

Now they are being transferred to a site in Queenslie that has been deemed not “fit for purpose” by the union responsible for the workers.

GMB Scotland Organiser Rhea Wolfson said: “There is anger and concern among the workers and it’s little wonder - we’ve learned through the rumour mill what management have known since November.

“Sixty workers now face the prospect of significant upheaval in a few weeks time and at a personal cost of up to £60 a month on travel for some.

“They are among the lowest paid cleansing staff in any Scottish local authority and that cut will have major consequences for household and families.”

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Glasgow Times:

A video shared with the Glasgow Times that was filmed this week appears to show the Queenslie depot with holes in the walls and ceilings. The video features several rooms understood to be regularly used by staff including a canteen, locker area, and toilets.

Throughout the rooms shown in the video, there appears to be water leaks, while one workplace source claimed that the heating does not work properly.

The source added that many of the lockers used by staff do not contain secure locks.

Glasgow City Council, however, insisted that work is currently ongoing at the depot to repair and upgrade the building for staff.

Part of the video reflects this with fresh paint applied to some areas of the rooms.

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Glasgow Times:

Ms Wolfson said: “Had management not run a train a through the proper consultation process, we would have told them that the Queenslie depot simply isn’t fit for purpose - the roof is falling in, windows are in a state of disrepair and it’s affected by leaks and corrosion.

“The shocking footage we have been able to share with the Times shows a Dickensian workplace and the prospect of more staff crammed into Queenslie doesn’t bear thinking about.

“It says everything about how these workers are valued and it’s another sad example of the massive challenges facing this council and it’s services.

“We have written to the head of service to make clear their decision not to inform the workforce of the closure is totally unacceptable and they must urgently resolve this through the recognised consultation forum.

“However, without significant new investment we won’t even be able to tackle the state of the cleansing depots never mind the city itself.

“Ahead of the budget, no one should be in any doubt about the crisis facing Glasgow’s cleansing service.”

Glasgow Times:

The workers’ plight has also been backed by hundreds of people who have signed an online petition.

The petition calling for a stop to the closure has been signed by 573 people so far.

The petition states: “This facility has served the East End and the wider community well over these last 33 years.

“We cannot stand back and let this happen. It is time for change time Dalmarnock stood together and fought back.”

Glasgow Times:

Frances Stojilkovic, who backed the petition, said: “Our city has a cleansing crisis and closing this would only add to it.”

Shona Thomson said: “We need to stop the closures and provide more cleansing depots for this city.”

Patricia McNaugh said: “Save the depos look how filthy your city is.”

Scott McConway added: “Glasgow City Council need to stop making vital cuts when investment is required.

“This will have a massive impact, not only on the employees at Baltic Street but the entire community that this depot serves.”

Ann McCab continued: “I’m standing with the binmen.”

Glasgow Times:

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “The decision to consolidate our east city services around the Queenslie depot is part of a strategy to operate our land and property as sustainably as possible.

“Work is currently ongoing at the depot to repair and upgrade the building for staff.

“But we are currently working on an overall plan for our depots that will see significant investment in the Queenslie depot in future.

“Staff are employed on a city-wide contract that can see them deployed from any depot.”